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Is Camel Spider Bite Poisonous?

Is camel spider bite poisonous? This question may appear in your mind. Many types of spiders are like snake—they can cause a serious reaction and lead to fatalities. How about a camel spider? Is it dangerous? Read the information below to know more about camel spider.


Is Camel Spider Dangerous?

Camel spider belongs to the class Arachnida—a class of scorpions and spiders belong to. Many people say that camel spider is as dangerous as snake. Actually, they are not as dangerous as you think. They are included into nocturnal animals. So, they just do activities when night comes and use day times to hide under rocks or trees.

Camel spiders are small creatures. Even, they just have short life period. Yes, a small spider may live just for 12 months. You may be curious about type of foods they like. Camel spider will eat small insects. They use their jaws to crush insects or small spiders and chew them. And their claws are dangerous part that should be avoided by human. Camel spider usually uses their claws to bite human skin.

Is Camel Spider Bite Poisonous
Is Camel Spider Bite Poisonous


Actually, camel spiders don’t like to bite human flesh. But, they usually do it if they are scared. For example, you accidently disturb them until they feel you are threat for them. Finally, they may bite your skin and make your skin becomes infection. Why they can make your skin infection? They use their claws to tear open the upper skin layer of epidermis. When it happens, your open wound can increase the chance of getting an infection.

Compare to a snake, camel spiders don’t inject poison or venom. But, it doesn’t mean that wound caused by camel spider is not painful. Wound caused by camel spider causes intense pain. Why? The wound is open wound that increases infection. Camel spiders are also likely to pass on residual preys of insect into your skin, so it increases the infection.

For your information, untreated wound caused by camel spider may lead to serious infection called sepsis. Whenever your skin bitten by camel spider, make sure you treat the wound as soon as possible to avoid serious infection. But, please don’t be panic. As mentioned before, camel spiders don’t inject venom or poison into your skin.

We can call camel spiders as small creatures that are not as dangerous as snake or scorpion. They will not bite you if you don’t disturb them. They cause wound after bite you, but the wound will not be serious infection if you treat the wound well. Read Also: Wolf Spider Vs Brown Recluse Difference


The Symptoms of Camel Spider Bite

camel spider
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Sometime, you may not know whether you have bitten by camel spider or not. So, you need to know the symptoms of camel spider to make you easier for treating it. Actually, camel spider bite signed by intense pain on the hands or legs. You may also feel intense pain on bitten area. But, don’t be panic.

Panic feeling just increases your blood pressure. When it happens, you may feel so stress. Just relax because camel spiders don’t inject venom into your skin. Just remember that camel spiders cause open wound that can be treated.

Sometimes, camel spider bite can also cause inflammation. This condition happens because the immune system of your body triggered to increase blood flow to the site of bite. Finally, the bitten area becomes swollen and causes inflammation.

There are some people who are allergic to camel spider bite. When they are bitten by camel spiders, they show some symptoms like irritation, rash formation, redness on the skin, and itching. Some people who are allergic to camel spider bite can also feel nervous that leads to intense fear, anxiety, and sweating.

How to diagnose camel spider bite? You need to see the bitten area. If you see distinct mark on your skin, and you see the mark of claws on bitten area, it means your skin has bitten by camel spider. Diagnosing camel spider bite is important to make you know the best treatment to treat the wound.


Camel Spider Bite Treatment

Now, let’s we talk about treatments for treating camel spider bite. The first thing you have to do is try to not panic. As mentioned before, panic just increases your anxiety and causes unexpected thing. Just relax because camel spiders don’t inject venom into your skin.

Actually, you just need first aid treatment. Yes, first aid treatment is enough to treat camel spider bite. You don’t have to go to a doctor for treating camel spider bite. Try to wash the bitten area with saline water or soap water. It is done to clean debris and blood from the site. After that, use a soft towel to wipe out the excess water.

Prepare antiseptic lotion and apply it on your wound and area surrounding it. If the bitten area looks swelling, you can use cortisone ointment to reduce swelling. Leave it for some period to make antiseptic absorbed into your skin. After ten minutes, cover the bitten area with gauze or a band-aid.

If camel spider bite causes discomfort, you can take ibuprofen to reduce discomfort. Don’t forget to change the bandage every day. It is done to avoid infection. If you think that your wound develops to infection, go to a doctor. A doctor may give you tetanus shot to prevent serious infection.


How to Prevent Camel Spider Bite

If you have garden area around your home, make sure you use a good pesticide regularly to prevent camel spider. Camel spider usually appears when night comes. So, don’t go to woods when night comes because you may meet camel spiders. But as long as you don’t disturb them, camel spiders will not bite you.

If you really need to go to woods or forest on the night, try to wear protective sleeves and long clothes. Fully covered clothing helps protect your skin from camel spider bite. Actually, there is still much information about camel spider. But, you can use this information as your reference. Finally, hopefully, the information about is camel spider bite poisonous above is useful for you.

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