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How to Get Rid of Mice In Your House

Mice is seriously an annoying and irritating pest issue, and knowing how to get rid of mice can help you a ton. Aside from the fact that they are pretty destructive, they also pose health threats and risks. You don’t want to share your personal living space with them.

Seriously. As much they are a nuisance to your living comfort that makes you want to shoot them, there are several things that you can and must not do. Make sure before you learn anything about getting rid of mice in the attic or apartment, you need to talk about their nature and habits. By understanding them, we can find a better approach and more suitable solutions.


Mice Infestation In House

If you see something scurry across the kitchen or any floor, then you are likely ‘keeping’ a mouse inside the house. Knowing their creature’s infestation isn’t only visible from them showing up in front of you, but also from other signs. Their droppings, for a starter, is an obvious sign.

If you see pellet-like black poop that is only several millimeters in length, then you have at least a mouse in the house. They like to poop, anytime and anywhere. If you see their droppings in every place, then you know what you are dealing with. You should also check for areas that you don’t visit too often, like crawlspaces and attics. If you see their droppings scattered on the floor, then you have a mouse issue.


Mice Infestation 
Mice Infestation


If the infestation has been going for quite some time, you may see other signs, such as strange markings on the walls or an unpleasant and distinct smell. mice will leave scent as well as a grease trail whenever they go. you may see handprints smudges-look-alike along the walls and baseboards, showing that mice rub against those baseboards and walls when they are moving. They avoid open spaces, choosing to travel close to the wall. This makes their movement predictable.


Health Problems Caused Mice

You don’t want to cohabit with them. They are disease carriers. They can trigger asthma too, not to mention that they carry foodborne diseases such as salmonella. Mice eat everything and they share the same taste as humans and pets, so they may eat your food and contaminate it along the way.

Can they contaminate the food preparation area and surfaces? Definitely! That’s why you want to deal with the issue as soon as possible – don’t wait! The longer you wait, the more difficult the issue will be. And it would be even more complicated if you have to deal with generations and generations of the rodent – considering that they breed rapidly.


How To Prevent Mice Into Your House

The best way in how to get rid of mice is to prevent them from entering your house. The pest requires 3 essential elements to survive: shelter, water, and food. If you can cut them from these sources, you have made your house less appealing for them. Each hole would be enough (and ideal) for their home. Any possible leak that you don’t know can be their water source. Any food scraps and garbage can be their food source – mice are pretty resourceful in away.

Mice Infestation In House
Mice Infestation In House

It would be a good idea to put the food in sealed or airtight containers (use the ones that are solid and can’t be nibbled on, like premium plastic or glass ) and then put them in a cupboard. If you have food leftover, put them in the refrigerator. Clean the food debris or crumbs on the floors and wipe the surfaces (the kitchen island, kitchen countertops, etc) – try to make it a habit after you cook.

Clean dirty dishes right away – don’t let them sit just like that. If you have pets, give them enough food only for one sitting. Don’t let the food sit on their plates as mice would be attracted to it.

It is also a good idea to start doing a thorough checking around the house. Check the plumbing and wires. Check the pipes. If there is sign of humidity, they will act on it right away. If you can’t do it on your own, ask for help from an expert. Well, if you have cut the mice from their food source, then you want to cut them off from the water source.


Things You Mustn’t Do

In doing some things on how to get rid of mice, there is some stuff that you need to avoid. Some homeowners may choose the poison because it is effective and it is fast. However, if you can avoid it, then you should avoid it at all costs. First of all, poison may kill other animals feeding on the mouse carcass.

Imagine this: You poison the mouse, and it dies on the back of your garden. The neighbor’s cat has some portion of the carcass, and then the owl too. The poison is now affecting the owl and the cat – killing them in the end. Do you want to be held responsible for their death?

Second, poison creates an environment issue. Not only you will kill the other animals, but also you will pollute the environment too. When the carcass is located on soil, it may pollute it. If it is located close to the water, it will contaminate the water. If this is often happening, then you will create a serious environmental problem.

Third, most poisons aren’t instant. Once the mouse eats it, it will go back to the nest (which is hidden) and die there. The carcass will create an unpleasant and foul smell, and it will give you another headache. You don’t want the smell to reside in your house – or any other places within your property – for months.

Some professional experts may advise instant mouse poison. This type of poison will kill the mouse instantly. It usually only takes a second or two for the poison to work, killing the mouse instantly. This is possible (and suitable) poison to use because you won’t have to worry about other effects.

The mouse won’t have the time to go back to its nest and you can always remove the dead body right away. But always use protective clothing and use gloves whenever you handle it. And make sure to follow the directions to the letter.


How to Get Rid of Mice In Your House

How to Get Rid of Mice In Your House
How to Get Rid of Mice In Your House


Seal the House

Since mice can enter through small holes or cracks, you may want to check the house for possible entry points. You see, they can surprisingly fit into the small hole. As long as their head can get through, their body will come along the way. If you find any hole and you can fit a pencil into it, that’s the ideal entry point for them.

Any holes around the wiring and pipes should also be closed. There is no room for the smallest gap. You should use high-quality stuff that lasts for a long time – permanently will be great. Copper mesh, stainless steel, or silicone caulk would be the best.

Silicone caulk is longer lasting when compared to latex type. Stainless steel and copper mesh won’t rust – which is different from the steel wool. White cement or similar stuff can also be used to seal any cracks and holes. Don’t use wood, rubber, or plastic – mice can easily gnaw them.

You want to have weather stripping for the window and door gaps. Make sure that there is no gap created. It may seem like a huge effort. Having to inspect every room and every part of the house isn’t exactly something nice to do, especially if you have to go to crawlspaces, the basement, or the attic.

If you aren’t willing to do it, then you just have to accept the fact that you will have to share the house with them. Or, you can always call the pest control service – which will require you to spend more. So, if you want to know how to get rid of mice and rats without spending a fortune, then you just have to do your part and sacrifice your time.


Mouse Traps

Using the trap would be considered one of the effective ways on how to get rid of mice naturally. Would you believe it to know that there are so many different mouse traps out there? You have the wooden classic snap trap as well as bait traps. There are live multiple capture traps as well as glue traps.


Mouse Traps For Mice
Mouse Traps For Mice


If there is only have one, or two, max, mice in the house, then using a single trap will do. But if your house has been infested with them, you will have a better chance of using different kinds of traps. Consider combining some of the – classic snap one, glue trap, etc – and place them together in areas suspected of their regular visit.

Such baits are generally inexpensive and you can reuse them again and again. But if you have pets, these baits can be dangerous. You can consider placing a box over the baits with a hole, which is small enough for the mice only.

The newest one is the electric box trap – it has a bait in it. When the mouse is lured to the box, the mouse would be instantly electrocuted. The box has a small light indicator that will flash once the mouse has been trapped. It also flashes, indicating the need for a reset. This type of trap is great because it creates very little mess, it is easy to clean, and it is safe for the pets. However, it is generally costlier than the regular traps and you will have to make sure to charge the battery so it will stay effective.


Remove Possible Hidden Spots

Mice like debris because it provides a good hiding spot for them. Make sure to remove any existing debris around the house. It will prevent mice to hide close to your house. Keep the weeds trimmed and maintained regularly. Destroy any nesting areas and burrows whenever you find them. Avoid bushes.


Have Pets

One way to tackle the issue is to have predators in the house. Cats are mice’s nemesis – dogs like to hunt them too. If you have both pets at home, bigger chances that mice will stay out of the way because they don’t like being hunted. If you have pets, it will improve your chances of not only making the house keep safe but also to get rid of the pesky pests for once and for all.

The best way is to prevent them from coming to your house in the first place. Hopefully, you can find the best methods on how to get rid of mice effectively that works for your situation.

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