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Get Rid of the Mice using Mouse Repellent

Mouse is a small animal which sometimes lives in our house. They can make a hole in some parts of our house. This animal can make us uncomfortable. We have to make an action to clean our house from the mice as soon as possible. So, what we can do to get rid of the mice?


Mousetraps to catch the Mice

When we see a mouse in our house, usually we will use the mousetraps to catch the mouse. It is a simple tool that usually available in every house. You have to be careful when you put the traps, make sure that it is safe for all members of your family. Do not let the children play with the trap because it can hurt them.

Type of the mousetrap:

  • Electronic mousetrap. It is very popular for the customer. This type of mousetrap already proven can work effectively. This type of trap is also easy to set up. We do not much more time to prepare the mousetrap.
  • Humane mousetrap. This type of mousetrap is like a cage. So, the mouse will go into the cage and they couldn’t go out. After that, we just need to throw away the mouse and make sure they cannot go back to our house.
  • Snap-E mousetrap. This type of mousetrap is also easy to set up. Many people like to use it. It is simple and reusable. It is made of plastic and steel. So, it can be used for a long time.

When we use a mousetrap, we have to consider how many mousetraps we will use in our house. It is very effective if there are only several mice in our house. We can put it in the strategic place and the mice will be trapped.


Mouse Poison to kill the Mice

Sometimes we have to think twice before we use poison to kill the mice. The poison will make the mice dehydrate and then they will die. It can die everywhere, including in our house.

We have to be careful in using the poison. You have to follow these suggestions to use the mouse poison safely.

  • Sealed the mouse bait and save it in a special place.
  • Put the mouse bait in the selected area like under the refrigerator, under the cupboard. Do not put it in the open place because the mouse will not eat it.
  • Put it inside the house, especially at night. So, the other animal or pet will not eat it.
  • Use gloves when you put the poison. And then clean your hands, wash using soap. Make sure you do it cleanly.
  • Keep the mouse bite away from the children.


Mouse Repellents to make the mice out of our House

Get Rid of the Mice using Mouse Repellent
Get Rid of the Mice using Mouse Repellent


It is the newest invention to get rid of the mice from our house. Many company produce good repellents for the customer. It is safe for the children and also the pet. So, it is the best solution for us. The best mouse repellent that we can use are:


Use Strong Smell to Repel the Mice

There are some household that has strong smell can be used as a mouse repellent. They are:

  • Mothballs

It is very effective because you only need to change the mothballs every 3 up to 6 months. You do not need to change in a short time. You can buy the mothballs with the plastic as the cover, so it is safe.

  • Ammonia

Ammonia can work well because the mice will think that it is the urine of the predator. So, they will run away and avoid the place with ammonia. You can clean the place where the mice live. Make sure that the place has good ventilation, so it will be safe for your family.

  • Fabric Softener sheet

You can use a fabric softener which has a better smell than mothballs and ammonia. It is also safe and effective for us. We can put it in the small place like under the cabinet, the crack in our house, and every place where the mice like to come in.

  • Peppermint

We can use peppermint oil. It is the natural smell of the mice repel. It is safe for children.


Packaged Solution to Repel the Mice

Repel the Mice
Repel the Mice


There are also some packaged products available for mice repellent. It has been tested and it is proven it can work well. The packaged products for the mice repellent are:

  • Fresh cab for mice repellent

It is a natural repellent made of plants and oils. The mixture is made to make a great smell that can hire the mice. The mice do not like the smell and they will move away.

This kind of repellent is small. It is only 3 to 5 inches. However, we can use it for around three months. So, it is effective and economical for us.

  • Rodent repellent granule

The rodent repellent granule is made of the natural oil that combined with pest. The oil can attack the mice’s nerve system so that it is very effective for killing the mice. You can put it in the right place. Make sure it is safe for your family, especially your children.

  • Ultrasonic mice repellent

It is the safest repellent for us. We use a good device to get rid of the mice from our house. it will produce high-frequency sounds that can make the mice and bugs in our house run away. We do not need to put in several places of our house. One ultrasonic mouse repellent is enough. It does not have a bad effect on us and very effective.

  • Organic spray repellent

The spray repellent is made of an organic mixture of the essential oils. We can use it inside and outside of our house. The smell is nice for humans, but the mice do not like it. We can pray in the place that we find a mouse.

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