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Cellar Spider VS Black Widow Difference Characteristics

It is beneficial for us to know about Cellar Spider VS Black Widow spider difference to prevent the venomous spiders to enter our home. Spiders are abundant and everywhere. We just don’t realize actually they live around us. Cleaning the house with special alcohols daily and thoroughly is a must. The article here is specifically to inform about those two spiders.


What Is Cellar Spider?

How do you get cellar spiders inside your house
How do you get cellar spiders inside your house


This kind of spider is harmless to humans and found in every place in the world except very cold places like Antarctica. We often meet them in garages, cellars, and other dark and damp places. It has weak venom and the reaction is short. In fact we—humans, that seems to be their threat for they are so weak. If we find a Cellar spider, and we feel bothered, just take it carefully and let it live freely at other places like the yard or garden. They are small and vulnerable, so let your little ones understand that it is not good to bother that kind of weak spiders.

Cellar spiders eat the host, the prey, and the eggs of other spiders such as Tegenaria species, house spider, red back spiders, and huntsman spiders. The web of this spider is non-adhesive but it has the ability to trap insects so tightly that they cannot escape. The prey that has been bitten may be stored or eaten immediately. Uniquely, Cellar spiders will clean their web after catching their prey. In a dangerous situation, Cellar spiders’ arachnids will rapidly vibrate in circulating motion. That’s why this spider is also called the vibrating spider.


What Is Black Widow Spider?

Black Widow Spider
Black Widow Spider


Black widow spiders that come from the Theridiidae family have venomous arachnids. There are about thirty species of widow spiders, but the most dangerous and popular ones are black widows. These notorious spiders have mark on their abdomens which shaped like an hourglass. It is the venom of the black widow that makes us need to know about them. Otherwise, we get poisoned by them accidentally.

The young, male, and female Black widow spiders are different in physical appearance. The female ones usually grow to one and a half-inch which is twice the size of the male ones. However, males have longer legs. Female black widows’ marks on their abdomen are yellow or orange in colors. The male and younger black widows have pink or red spots on their upper side abdomen and yellow or red bands.  Here is more about Black widow spiders:

  • The venom of Black widow spiders is fifteen times more dangerous than the rattlesnake’s venom. You can imagine how dangerous the venom is. You know that rattlesnakes are undoubtedly deadly. Human gets bitten by Black widow spiders will have aches in muscles, difficulty breathing since the diaphragm is paralyzed, and nausea. The elderly, children, and people not in a good health condition will react to the bites worse. Actually the Black widow spiders don’t like to bite humans only if they are in self-defense like if we accidentally sit on their bodies. So, be careful every time you want to sit, especially if you are outside your home or at public places.
  • Black widow spiders will make huge web if they see a cocoon with many eggs, grasshoppers, mosquitoes, flies, caterpillars, and beetles. Their hind legs have bristles to cover the prey after being trapped.
  • In the mating ritual, a female black widow spider will kill the male sadistically and eat him after they finish mating.
  • Generally, black widow spiders are solitary only when they need to mate. If you are at home, be careful if you are in the basements, closets, garages, and messy areas. They may hide there. Always clean all those rooms thoroughly and daily will be good. If you prepare alcohols special for spiders at home, that is wise.

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The difference between Cellar spiders and Black widow spiders

Cellar Spider VS Black Widow Spider Difference
Cellar Spider VS Black Widow Spider Difference


When we talk about the difference between those two spiders, in short, we can say that the cellar spiders are a lot safer than the black widow spiders. Judging from all characteristics of those two spiders, we can easily come into conclusion. Pay attention much to the risks of the Black widow bites though.

In twenty minutes after being bitten by Black widow spiders, they will have muscle cramps, tremor, abdominal pain, weakness, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, chest pain, blood pressure, difficulty breathing, seizures, and fast heart beat. Going to doctors immediately is good, but check the home first aid below:

  • Clean the bites with soap
  • Take a bath with hot water
  • Take pain relievers
  • Compress the area of bites with hot and cold water
  • If you get worse try to use the cloth to slow down the venom and tie the limb around the bite area. Don’t be too tight though.
  • You can try a mixture of a teaspoonful of water, a tablespoonful of baking soda, and a teaspoonful of chlorine bleach. Just cover the bites with this mixture gently and thoroughly. You will feel burning sensation. Just let it still for thirty minutes and the venom will be neutral. The baking soda is popular to get rid of acidic venom and the bleach will deal with the bites.
  • In hospitals, your doctor will prescribe medicine to relieve the pain, muscle relaxant for cramps, the medicine to decrease high blood pressure, etc.

Whether we find cellar and black widow spiders, all we have to do is clean the house well. Search all the darker and secluded places in your house, get rid of old things, pay attention to the ceiling in every room of your house, and hose them with vacuum cleaner hose. Have plantation to make any kinds of spiders to go away from your house like herbs and flowers. Grow basil, lavender, lemon thyme, lemongrass, rosemary, and mint.

Not only are they good for your meals, but also they can kill pests and spiders. Also grow beautiful flowers such as alliums, marigolds, chrysanthemum, petunias, and pitcher plants. Your house will be more beautiful and safer from spiders and other pests as well. Hopefully, the article about Cellar Spider VS Black Widow difference shared here can promote a healthier lifestyle.

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