How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Everyone agrees that cockroaches are disgusting – that’s why they always want to know how to get rid of cockroaches for goods so the dirty insects won’t roam around the house freely. Your human instinct may make you reach the insecticide spray bottle once you see the insect critter across the room. But you should know better than insecticides will only bring more harm to yourself and your family – and it doesn’t even solve the problem to the core. Now, you need to understand the insect’s natural habit and biology so you can learn about how to get rid of cockroaches at home.


Understanding Cockroaches




The problem with cockroaches is that they are one of the most common insects and species in the world – thus, making them difficult to eliminate. They are somewhat able to develop resistance to various insecticides. That’s why they are pretty difficult to kill with only chemicals – and the products only. If you want to how to get rid of cockroaches forever, you need to combine chemicals, better sanitation, and traps. It’s the only way to remove the pesky insects – and make sure that they won’t be back again.

Cockroaches live in a humid area. Cockroaches always live close to the water source and also food source. They always like food residue and grease, especially. They may lurk around close to bathrooms and kitchens because those two rooms are the main areas where water and food scraps are the most plentiful.


Dealing with Cockroaches Infestation


Promote Hygiene Lifestyle

One way to deal with roaches is to make your house as clean as possible. You will have to make sure to remove all food residue and leftovers. If you have any food, better keep in a sealed container and put it in a closed cupboard – minimizing the possibility of cockroaches from entering the cupboard. If there is any leftover food, put it in the refrigerator. Don’t just leave it lying around, attracting cockroaches (and other insects).

You also need to make sure that your house is in a clean state every day. Don’t leave dirty dishes on sinks. Wipe the counters down every night. Check and make sure that the stovetop is squeaky clean. Sweep the floor before going to bed. You may find it overwhelming and too much at first, but once you are used to it, you’d find out that your efforts worth the shot. Not only you will see that the cockroaches issue would improve, but you realize that it takes not more than 15 minutes to do the entire cleanup.

When you develop a regular cleanup routine, you will notice the decreasing numbers of the cockroaches. The infestation issue will be solved efficiently and you no longer have to worry about the insects anymore. Since the cockroaches can’t find any food anymore from your house, they won’t be interested in living under your roof anymore.


Seal the Holes

Any crevices, cracks, or holes can be the insects’ entry-point to your house. It’s not only their entry-points but also for other insects. Being small, these insects will certainly make ways to the house. That’s why it is advisable to inspect your house of crevices and holes. Once you find any, seal them. Feel free to use white cement, a caulking gun, or caulk tube. Be advised that this method may take time – and it takes extra energy and effort too. but if you can do this, you make sure that their entry-points are completely sealed so they won’t be able to come into your house anymore.

Sealing up the holes and cracks will also ensure that you can maintain a clean and hygienic environment. This is one method on how to get rid of cockroaches in apartments, especially if you aren’t sure about your neighbors’ standard of cleanliness and hygiene. But even if you live in a house, this method would ensure that any cockroaches living in your garden won’t migrate to your home. It would also be better if you can perform the check around your property. Using weather stripping on window seals and doors will also help.


Check for Water Leak

water leaks cause cockroach infestation

water leaks cause cockroach infestation


How to water leaks cause cockroach infestations? Cockroaches love pipe leaks that lead to water pool and humid conditions. It’s time to check your house for any sign of leakage or pool of water. If there is any pipe leak or damage, be sure to repair it immediately. Don’t underestimate the tiniest or smallest leak – any seep of water will enable the cockroaches to live. They can live for months even without food, but not so much without water. If they can’t find any water source, they won’t survive even for days. They will be forced to leave your perimeter right away. Fix any leaking pipes. Never overwater plants indoor. Don’t allow water to stand in the sink or create a pool.


Keep It Cool

If you want to make your living space free of cockroaches, make sure to keep it cool – as you can be as possible. These cockroaches are most active during the day and when the temperature is increasing. As cold-blooded creatures, they like it warm because it enables them to do things, like flying and spreading up their wings. Yes, cockroaches can fly although they may not be good fliers. It’s because the heat enables them to use their muscles. Naturally, you won’t be able to control the weather, so the best thing to do is to control the temperature inside your house. You may want to be prepared when the weather outside is changing – from hot to cold. They may want to find shelter inside your house.


Squash It

If you only see a single cockroach and you have the time to react, you may want to squash it with your boots or shoes. But it can be messy because you may burst the liquid and the inside of their abdomen. It is not the prettiest sight and it is disgusting. It is also advisable to clean the area once you squash it because you don’t want their inside to create a mess in your house.


Inspect the Area

If you suspect cockroaches’ infestation, you need to check the possible spots for their nest. Their common nests are located on crevices (which can be located in shelves and cabinets), under the sink, on corners, close to bathroom closets and cabinets, or behind the refrigerators. Check for dark and humid spots for their homes.


Glue Strips Placement

Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control


You can also use the glue strip to check whether there is real cockroaches’ infestation – or other insects’ infestation. These strips are easily bought in stores. You only need to remove the closure (of the strips) and then place them on any potential spots that cockroaches often pass by. Monitor those strips within a week. If you catch one (or even several of them), then you know which potential areas to treat.


Soapy Water

The easiest way to deal with the cockroaches is to use soapy water. Let’s say that you see the cockroaches under the sink or in the laundry room. Simply mix the water and the soap and throw it onto the roaches. You can also keep the soapy water in a spray bottle. Place those bottles in areas where you suspect cockroaches activities are the highest. The soapy water will block the skin pores, causing them not to be able to breathe (roaches breathe through their skin). And in the end, they will die.  Read Also: How to Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs


Bait Traps

There are several possible baits solutions in how to get rid of cockroaches. The first one is the gel bait, coming in a tube form. It is applicable in cracks, holes, and crevices, under the baseboards, and other areas with high roaches’ activities. The gel will result in the effective killing of the roaches as you see dead bodies here and there.

The bait station is another way to kill the cockroaches effectively. You set up a station and place the bait there (in the form of poison). Then the roaches will take the bait to their nest and then eat it and die. The bait will be passed by to other roaches, and they will eventually die. One thing to remember about this method, though, is that you should limit the use of the poison – especially if you have pets. Such poison bait contains toxic chemicals and having them scattered around the house will make the house itself unsafe. In this way, you may want to limit the use, the amount of the poison, and the area of application.


Boric Acid

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches At Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches At Home Naturally


Boric acid can kill the cockroaches efficiently and effectively, thanks to their chemical mix of water and boron. However, the powdery form can be easily blown away (by the breeze or air current) and end up making contact with pets or kids. Boric acid is best used when combined with other methods. If used alone, boric acid isn’t efficient.

If you are going to use the Boric acid, make sure to sprinkle them in areas with minimal air current. You also need to do it far away from places where the pets and your kids often play. You can sprinkle the powder under the sink, into the pantries and cabinets’ cracks, behind and under the refrigerator, and the dishwasher and stove.


Diatomaceous Earth

If you want the safer alternative than Boric Acid, then Diatomaceous Earth will do it. To your eyes, the powder may look like…well, fine powder. But since it is made from fossilized exoskeleton of animals, it has sharp edges. When cockroaches walk on them, it feels like walking on glass shards. It is painful (for the roaches) and it causes their skin to tear – causing them dehydrated from losing body liquid. You should use the food-grade Diatomaceous Earth. There is one for insecticides – avoid this as this is poisonous.

Cockroaches are annoying pests as they aren’t only disgusting but they also carry diseases and germs. As long as you cut them off from their most favorite things – food and water – and you apply some of these methods of treatments, you should be able to win the battle against them. With various ways of how to get rid of cockroaches, you can choose some of them and then combine them.

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