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How to Control Drain Flies

How to get rid of Drain Flies? These little insects aren’t butterflies they’re known as Psychodidae or drain flies and they’re harmless This is the reason you find them in your bathroom Their larvae are exclusively aquatic and they’re able to live whenever moisture is consistently present If you want to get rid of them You simply have to clean your drains and ventilate your bathroom Also check under your shampoo bottles and flower pots.

Okay, you ever standing around your kitchen around the sink in your cleaning dishes and whatnot and you got these pesky little flies buzzing around your face in your head just very annoying well it could be drain flies.

Drain flies will nest and they also rest in areas where you’ve got lots of moisture one of those areas could be in the drains the sinks could be in floor drains in this particular case we’ve got a sink here where we’ve got suspected activity of drain flies and don’t get down inside right before the p-trap and they kind of nest me breathing all that scummy stuff that grows inside there all.

That bacteria so what we want to do is we want to treat these areas with a product called bio drain bio drain it had contains microbes since also some citrus oils and we’re going to pour this product around the edge of our drains and we’re going to do this a couple of to three times a week and then we can do it for maintenance we can do it once a week thereafter so I tell you what give me just second let me get ready and et’s show and I’ll show you how to use.

This product all right so here we are we’ve got our bio drain product we’re going to treat this sink first again we’re going to make sure that we treat both drains and we’re going to use at least four ounces per drain.


How to Control Drain Flies

How to Control Drain Flies
How to Control Drain Flies



We’re going to do this a couple of to three times a week at least maybe every other day once we got control over the problem then we can do maintenance of maybe once a week or so first thing we want to do those we want to take at least a gallon or two it warm water we want to pour it down each one of these drains that way.

We loosen up some of that bacteria that’s down in there just makes the product to work a little bit better so, we’re going to take our product and we’re going to pour four ounces around the lip of each one of these drains, then what’s really important is that we not use these things or at least I recommend 810 hours.

Well that way we’ll give the product at some time to work
on that bacteria that’s in there again, this product uses microbes and it’s got some citrus oils in it so it smells really nice it’s not a foul smell or anything and these microbes will eat all of that bacteria that’s down in there once.


How to Get Rid of Drain Flies In Bathroom


We’ve completed that we’re going to go through, we’re going to go ahead and do the whole house so you want to also do your bathroom drains as well any kind of floor drains that you have and we can use the actual.

Hot spot aerosol, the hot spot aerosol is designed to be held upside down and you can take this and you can inject it right down into some of the floor, drains it foams up so once it starts foaming up out of the drain just leave it be.

Again we want to make sure that we don’t have any activity any running water in there for at least eight to ten hours after application just like in drains though if you want to take a gallon or two warms, water work down those floors.

Drains prior to application that will help loosen some of that bacteria and help your product work a little more, effectively anyway that’s about it for drain flies once you complete that sometimes it takes a week or two weeks to get a problem under control but, these both these products are extremely effective again we use microbes. So, they’re an organic product we’re using these tiny little animals to eat all the.

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