How Much Does Termite Control Cost?

Termites are insects that can cause a lot of damage to homes. They eat through wood and other cellulose materials. You can keep them at bay by regularly inspecting your home, trimming overhanging branches from trees, or sealing any cracks in the foundation with caulk.

There are two types of pest control for termites: liquid and powder. Liquid treatments consist of a chemical put into the ground that you spray on wood surfaces inside your home. Powder treatments require you to apply it to the outside walls of your house, or anywhere else that termites might enter it.

Liquid treatments range anywhere from $75-100 per treatment and come out to an average cost of about $350-$450 per year for pest control for termites. Powder treatments are usually cheaper, costing an average.


What are Termites and How They Infiltrate Your Home

Termites are one of the most damaging pests in the world. They can cause severe structural damage to homes and other buildings. They are also a serious threat to a lot of wood furniture, trees, and other plants.

How Much Does Termite Control Cost


Termites often get identified by their nests. These nests are made from termite saliva and feces that they excrete while eating wood. These nests can be found in moist or damp areas that have wood materials. They can also be found underground in dirt or soil that is also moist or damp with wood material.


Termite Facts and Information

Termites are social insects that live in colonies and eat wood. They are typically found in regions where there is a lot of rain because they need moisture to survive.

Termites have three castes: the queen, the king, and the workers. The worker caste includes soldiers, reproductives, nymphs, and larvae. These groups of termites have different jobs within the colony such as building new tunnels or defending against predators.

The queen termite is the only one who can lay eggs. From her, a new colony will develop with new queens who will continue to produce more eggs for future generations to take care of their needs.


How Termites Enter Your Home and What Damage they Cause

Termites can enter your home through any crack in the foundation, siding, or door. They can then cause significant damage to your property and take it down little by little.

Termite protection is important for homeowners. Termites can easily enter a home and cause extensive structural damage. The best way to prevent them from entering is to take preventive measures such as installing bait stations on the perimeter of the house and fill in all cracks near the foundations with a concrete sealant.


Termite Prevention: Tips for Keeping Termites Out of Your Home

Your home is your most important investment. It’s important to take measures to ensure that you are protecting it from termites, which can cause expensive and irreparable damage.

 Termite Control Cost


Termites are a major pest that can destroy your home and make it unlivable. They can enter through any small hole, even a crack in the foundation of your house. There are ways to prevent them from entering; however, not every prevention measure will work for every home.

There are many ways to keep termites out of your home. One way is to build a pressurized barrier around the perimeter of the house by installing metal or vinyl siding with openings less than 1/4 inch in width or screen wire tightly spaced at 1/8 inch intervals on the inside of the exterior sheathing wall.


Best Insecticides for Termite Control

The best insecticides for termite control are those that will effectively eliminate the problem. It is important to know that termites can cause a lot of damage over time.

Here are the top 3 insecticides for termite control:

-Bayer Advanced Termite Bait Station Kit – This bait station kit provides 20,000-50,000 square feet of coverage. The bait stations are easy to install and comes with enough pesticide for a year.

-Bayer Advanced Termite Control Bait Gel – This gel is made from the same active ingredient as in our best pesticide for termite control and targets both drywood and subterranean termites. It is a good choice if you want to have more pest control options in your home without any unnecessary chemicals.

-Termidor SC – This is a liquid concentrate that can be diluted with water and sprayed on termite-infested wood to kill termites.

Termidor SC is the most effective, broad-spectrum termiticide in use today. It is designed to kill all species of subterranean termites, including those that are tolerant to other chemicals such as the bifenthrin family of insecticides. Termidor SC has a low toxicity for humans and animals, and is environmentally safe because it biodegrades into nontoxic substances.


How Much is Pest Control for Termites?

One of the most common household pests is termites. Termite control can be expensive, but there are many ways to reduce the cost.

The cheapest and easiest way to get rid of termites is to install a pre-construction termite inspection. The average cost for this service is $400-800 per house depending on the size, ground level, and surrounding trees.

This inspection can be done by a certified inspector before construction starts on a new house or after a house has been built but before it has been occupied. It will determine if the builder installed any areas that are vulnerable to termites and what needs to be done in order to prevent infestation.



The cost of termite control varies by state and by the type of home. As an example, the average cost of termite control in Minnesota is $497.

Termite control can take many forms, from preventive treatment to abatement. The cost also varies depending on the size of the home. For instance, a typical cost for termite treatment in a small home in Minnesota is $497.

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