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Eastern Subterranean Termite VS Formosan Termites

Difference between Eastern subterranean termites and Foremost in termite Eastern subterranean termites and foremost in termites are very similar in fact for most and termites are considered subterranean termites as well.

Well, there are things like their nesting habitats they can set them apart. One of the easiest ways for homeowners or DIY ers to tell them apart is to look at the soldiers or look at the swimmers first. If you see termite swimmers or elites try to note their color all termites have four wings of equal length but they vary in color each in subterranean termites will be noticeably darker typically black for most in termites swimmers will be much lighter and be an orange like color.

Another easy way to tell them apart is to look at the soldiers the eastern subterranean termite soldiers have a more rectangular head with large mandibles.

The foremost in termite soldiers having more oval shaped head and they have mandibles that cross over one another. If you have termite activity then look for these differences to easily and quickly help you identify which termite you have.


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