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Does Alcohol Get Rid of Bed Bugs? Find the Answer Here!

Does alcohol get rid of bed bugs? People say it does kill them. This article is to share how alcohol kills bed bugs, and we know there are kinds of alcohols. So, which alcohol it is to kill bed bugs effectively, we will find out here. One thing also crucial is the alcohol itself the chemical thing. Is it safe?


Does Alcohol Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

First of all, how much do you know about bed bugs that all of us want to kill them so much? They can live everywhere even in a luxurious place. Many of us don’t realize that they are brought by us to come into our house unintentionally. They hitchhike. They can hide in bedding, pieces of furniture, luggage, clothes, etc. They live by sucking blood.

If you find your body part has a clump or a row of bites similar to mosquito’s you must have bed bugs in your place. Our body has different reaction to the bed bugs’ bites. Some people will have severe skin rash because of bed bugs.


Alcohol to Kill Bed Bugs

Alcohol Get Rid of Bed Bugs
Alcohol Get Rid of Bed Bugs


We usually have solutions or sprays consisting of alcohol that can be bought at local stores easily to control pests in our house. Are they effective to kill bed bugs? Types of the alcohols for killing bed bugs are rubbing alcohols, like isopropyl alcohol 70% and alcohol 91%. They are usually spray-based and have proved to be able to kill big infestations of bed bugs effectively. Experts say that actually with a higher concentration of isopropyl alcohol 70%, we can deal with bed bugs easily. The alcohol 91% is more effective but people concern about the use of it for its highly flammable. Not to mention its abrasiveness on certain fabrics and surfaces. Obviously, the use of alcohol 91% is not recommended. However, many people want the alcohol 91% more compared to isopropyl 70%. That is because the infestations of bed bugs in their place are too massive. See the recommended ones below.

  • The isopropyl 70% alcohol which is cheaper, widely available in local stores, lower level of flammability, and tends to evaporate if its cap is left open.
  • The isopropyl alcohol 91% contains less water so it dries easily. The concentration of the alcohol doesn’t evaporate easily though. This kind of alcohol is not really abrasive on materials, surfaces, and fabrics. It’s more expensive for sure.


How to Use Alcohol to Kill Bed Bugs

After you have chosen the right one for you, here you can have steps to use alcohol for getting rid of bed bugs:

  • You should use vacuum cleaner to clean every room of your house.
  • Spray all bedding items, clothes, linens, curtains, and cushions cases with alcohol, and then put them inside a plastic trash.
  • Spray the whole parts of the rooms you wish to spray with the alcohol. With the right concentration of alcohol, the eggs, larvae, new-born, and adult bed bugs will be killed thoroughly.
  • You can liberally spray all electronic appliances to remove larvae and eggs hiding everywhere in the appliances’ parts.
  • Spray yourself from head to toe to prevent bed bugs from biting you.
  • It is suggested that you use steam cleaning combined with alcohol to make the alcohol even work stronger and more effective.
  • When you use alcohol from bed bugs, don’t ever smoke and use fires.

In some places, alcohol with strong concentration may be uneasy to find. Of course, nowadays it will be easier to find the alcohol we want with the help of the internet. Still, the shipping takes time sometimes. While waiting for the alcohol, here what you should do about your house suspected being attacked by bed bugs.

  • If you find bugs in your bed, don’t jump into the conclusion that your house is in danger—being attacked by bed bugs. Insects, ticks, and fleas sometimes look a lot like bed bugs. See the pictures of bed bugs available in internet carefully first.
  • Just vacuum all parts of the rooms including things inside such as carpets, rugs, upholstered pieces of furniture, etc.
  • If the bugs you found really are bed bugs, just calm down and think of the best thing to do. Yes, search for the best alcohol in internet to kill them. While waiting for the courier to come to your house, classify all the things in your house. Put them in plastic trash and seal them. It is good if you also add camphor balls inside.
  • Don’t ever throw away all the things suspected being attacked by bed bugs. This definitely will send all the bed bugs to your neighborhood. Who knows, unlucky you are a neighbor will sue you because of this. You instead have to put all those things in a certain room and lock the room until you have the alcohol.
  • With solution widely available at local stores, you can clean every parts of your house and spray them with it. Don’t let yourself miss any hiding places in your house. Spray all of them with the solutions.
  • If it is sunny, feel free to sunbathe the bed, sheets, bedspread, blanket, linens, cushions, curtains, clothing etc. Hopefully, the sun shine will get rid or lessen the bed bugs.
  • If you have heaters or thermostat, you can use them to kill the bed bugs in your house. You know that bed bugs will die when their body gains 45 degrees Celsius. However, you should be very careful. Make sure you keep anything flammable in the place out.
  • Be careful with your skin and make sure you use certain cream to prevent the bites of bed bugs.

If you get overwhelmed since you have to take care of everything in your house, be calm. It is fine to hire a professional especially when the alcohol you buy online is stuck due to the long shipping. Browse professionals online, and learn about them first. See if they have good track records or not. Does alcohol get rid of bed bugs article hopefully can give you more information about how to maintain your house.

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