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All About Bed Bugs (EXPLAINED)

Living with bedbugs can cause stress, fear, and anxiety. Now it’s common for landlords to blame the tenants for having bedbugs, accusing the tenant, buy used furniture or dirty furniture. But here’s the truth. In apartment complexes, bedbugs travel easily from one infested apartment to another.

They travel through holes, cracks, and crevices into all the units. So if your neighbor has bedbugs, you will only be a matter of time for you to get them to. Now, bedbugs are small insects the size of an apple seed that high during the day and usually come out at night and they come out to feed on a person’s blood while they sleep.


Where Bed Bugs Come From?

Where Bed Bugs Come From
Where Bed Bugs Come From


So where do bed bugs come from? well, what do you mean you found bed bugs in your house. Where did the bugs come from I have no idea? You know I there’s a lot of places that you can get bed bugs from now? Obviously the most common that we run into is used in discarded furniture, so people take in used furniture something that’s found outside of the side of the street has bedbugs on it and away you go sometimes you can get it from travel like hotels, motels, airplanes, buses and much more.

You know it’s unlikely that you encounter bedbugs in trains, planes, and buses but it can happen and you know there I’m sure there are isolated incidents out.

There that people have brought them home from those types of environments now again not common and it would not travel on a plane because of it but it can happen hotels obviously or a hotel room.

Here you know could this hotel room have bedbugs and ice paying it sure unlikely though still, you know I mean the data right now suggests that at your average hotel one to two percent of given hotel rooms will have a problem at any given time.

So, I mean there’s a 1/100 chance you stay in a room that has bedbugs, and then in regards to the number of bugs inside that room the average is just a handful and so what’s the likelihood that you take a reproducing infestation home if you stay at a hotel room that has bedbugs it’s actually fairly unlikely or at leas.


Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation
Signs of Bed Bug Infestation


Bed bugs lay approximately two hundred eggs every six days and can live for more than six months without food. Now, because of their small size and nocturnal habits, you may not immediately realize that you have bedbugs, but if you wake up with bites or noticed bloodstains on your sheets, it’s a good idea to check the edges of the mattress and the cracks around your bed.

Bedbugs feed on blood usually at night when people are sleeping. Unlike mosquitoes or other bloodsuckers, they inject a numbing agent first. So you won’t feel a thing when it’s happening, although not everyone reacts to these bites.

Some will start to see red bumps on their skin. These bite marks can be little bumps or more splotchy welts, usually in a line or a zigzag pattern. They are often itchy and although they don’t spread disease, they can lead to bleeding and infection.

If a bedbug has recently Fed, they will leave a bloodstain on your sheets, mattresses, pillowcases or pajamas, these blood smears may be easy to miss or mistaken for something else. So remember to always look closely at these little black spots are sometimes smudged, making them look almost like pencil marks. They’re actually bedbug droppings, which is pretty gross.

Make sure to check your mattress, your bedsheets, your bed frame, and your box spring for these marks.

One of the most overlooked signs of a bedbug infestation is the smell they caused when they released pheromones. The smell is similar to a wet towel and is often mistaken for the smell of mold if you notice an unpleasant or musty odor in your bedroom. It may be a hint that you have a problem when inspecting your bed. You might run into the bedbugs themselves, alive or dead. These tests vary in size and color, depending on their age. When they’re young, they’re white or clear colored and become reddish-brown as they become adults.


Bedbugs can cause health

Bedbugs can cause health problems for you and your families, such as painful bites, allergic reactions, infections, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. The landlord is responsible for treating a bedbug infestation in your complex with professional pest control help not only in your apartment but in the whole building. If the problem isn’t dealt with immediately, it will only get worse and spread if you have bedbugs.

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