How to Get Rid of Earwigs in Potted Plants Permanently

Earwigs are also called pincher bugs. These insects like wet leaves or rotten plants. Maybe these insects can also attack your home. You should know the following information before reading about how to get rid of earwigs in potted plants.

This insect is very flexible because it has a clamp that is at the end of the stomach. If you pinch this insect, then this insect will turn into dangerous. The brace is used to hold the prey.

These insects are attracted to rotten vegetation. Earwigs will move actively at night and you can find these insects in flowerbeds, mulches, stones, and in wooden trunks.


How to Get Rid of Earwigs in Potted Plants Permanently


The above reviews have explained that earwigs love a damp place and maybe your house is a damp place with plenty of food for these insects. This is what makes these insects into your home or apartment. This insect accidentally entered your house to escape from danger.

These insects can enter the house in various ways. Usually, these insects will make their way through cracks, holes, and crevices in your home. This line can be found in closed doors or windows. You can also find this path in the attic, down the vent, and the main door.

This creature can also enter the house because it was taken by others. These insects can sneak into your books and newspapers. These insects are attracted to light so. Weather conditions are the big reasons that make these ticks into your home. These insects will avoid outside weather that is too cold or too dry.


How to Get Rid of Earwigs in Potted Plants Permanently

How to Get Rid of Earwigs in Potted Plants Permanently



Are Earwigs Dangerous to Human?

This insect has a forcep on the abdomen so this makes people feel afraid. There are many people who believe in the myth that earwigs get into the human ear and make matters worse but this myth is different from reality. These insects fight only other insects to survive.

These insects use only tongs to pick up food. The brace will not hurt humans but if it happens, then these insects just feel nervous because of human interference. These insects do not sting. This is different from other insects that bite and trap people with dangerous ropes.

There are some insects that have toxins and sting your body but these insects cannot do that because the pockets of these insects are harmless to humans. Maybe you just have a little pain when you get a bite from this insect. These insects can damage human skin in rare cases but you can treat skin with mild treatment.

You just have to wash your skin with antibiotic ointment so your skin does not get an infection. Perhaps the single most dangerous thing about these insects is to consume healthy garden plants. These insects can damage the beautiful garden in your home.


Earwigs Repellant

There are many products sold in supermarkets to eradicate these insects. You can buy this product at an affordable price. Here are some of the best products to kill earwigs.


Orthi Bug Geta Plus

This is a product that can kill various insects. This is the best insect killer because this product contains Bitrex. You can sprinkle a bit of palette to a large area. This product can be sprinkled on lawns, ornamental plants, vegetables, fruits, and other plants. If you want to get the best results, then you can sprinkle this product on the damp ground. This product can still work actively after rain to get rid of various insects.


Niban Granular Pest Control

This product is the best chemical bait to attract these insects. If the insect consumes this feed, then this product can inhibit the growth of microorganisms in the insect’s stomach and make the insects starve and die. You will get four bottles to be spread over a large area. You can use this product in the house, the hole, the grass, the garden, and near these insect infestations.


Safer Brand Diatomaceous Earth

This product is sold in dust form so it looks like fine powder in your hand. This product is made from fossil insects but this product is very dangerous for the insect. You just need to spread around the area where these insects live. You can use this product inside and outside the room.


How to Prevent Them from House Plants

These insects can live in your pet plants because the potted plants have a humid environment. This is the perfect habitat for these insects. These insects can eat seeds, soft roots, and young plants. If you bring this plant to your home, then the insect remains in the pot. You should throw earwigs and move the plants.

You also have to clean the area around the house such as carpets, corner walls, and so forth. You can check the rotted mulch in the pot. You should shorten the pot before being used to lay the plants.


Kill the Earwigs Permanently

These insects are not too dangerous but these insects can damage your plants. You must make the right move to eradicate this insect. Here are the steps you should follow to free your plants.


Making Earwigs Traps

You can use a shallow can and fill it with vegetable oil. These insects will be attracted to the cans and sink into the oil. You can also roll up the newspaper and put the newspaper at the base of the plant at sunset. You can use a shoe box with oatmeal layers and you have to make some holes outside the shoebox to attract these insects.


Natural Predators

These insects have natural predators such as frogs and birds. You can put some frogs and bad in your garden. This will attract the ears of these insects and you can reduce the population from earwigs.


Chemical Method

You can spray insecticides such as aerosols to eradicate these nasty insects. You can also use cockroaches to catch these insects. The above reviews already explain some products to eradicate these insects.


Prevents Invasion of Earwigs

You must seal cracks, holes, and leaks that are around your house. You can rub eucalyptus oil on the door and window frames. You can grow mint, lemon, and basil plants to prevent earwigs from entering your garden. That’s how to get rid of earwigs in potted plants. If you have a problem, please call pest control.

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