How Do You Get Bed Bugs In The First Place?

We all know that bed bugs are brown, small, and oval insects that lived on the blood of humans and animals. Adult bed bugs have a flat shape around the size of an apple seed. After they are feeding, however, their bodies will inflame and have a reddish color. You should know that bed bugs cannot fly, but they can move so fast over walls, ceilings and floors as well. The female bed bugs can lay hundreds of eggs and each of them is around the size of a dot of dust. Then, how do you get bed bugs in the first place?

The immature bed bugs which known as the nymphs will shed their skin around five times before they can reach the maturity and need a blood-feeding before every shedding as well. In this condition, then the bugs will develop fully around a month and can produce three or even more generations just in a year. Although they can be concluded as a nuisance, however, they cannot transmit diseases.


Where these bed bugs hide

how do you get bed bugs in the first place? Even bed bugs can enter your home with any detection throughout your clothing, luggage, used bed, and other items as well. Their flat bodies allow them to enter into very small areas, even just the width of the credit card as well. The bed bugs have the nest resemble ants or bees, however, they prefer to live with groups in the secretive or hiding places. Their initial hiding areas are usually box springs, mattresses, headboards, bed frames where they are provided with easier access to bite in the nighttime.

where bed bugs hide

where bed bugs hide


Over time, they can spread out through the bedroom and then start to move to the protected location or any crack. They are also able to spread out into the nearby rooms or even apartments as well. As mentioned before that they are so fast in movement. Because of these bed bugs only live with blood, then you might have them is not a sign of uncleanness. Even you can find them in hotel rooms and clean homes as well.


So, How Do You Get Bed Bugs In The First Place

How Do You Get Bed Bugs In The First Place

How Do You Get Bed Bugs In The First Place


🐛 You neighbor has bed bugs

You might do anything right in order to prevent bed bugs enter your house, however, when your neighbor pick up anything that he might consider is practically new sofa from the garbage, then you will deal with bed bugs. As mentioned before that bed bugs can do the migration, especially in the shared housing locations, such as apartments, condos, dormitories, and more. Since these bed bugs even can breed with their mothers, then it only needs a female bed bug to travel.

👕 Used clothes should be washed properly

Used clothes that you can get from the thrift shop, borrowing or donations can lead the bed bugs. You are able to shop in the thrift shops, however, you cannot bring the used clothes enter to your house without you wash them first. They should be washed with very hot water and bed bugs cannot survive up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. This thing also applies to other used kinds of stuff, such as bed, sheets, doll, etc.

🏨 When you are at the motel, hotel, holiday inn, and more

You should know that motels and hotels are ranked as the top 3 places that pest experts reported the spot of bed bugs. This is not surprising when you considering that a temporary place can be an ideal place for bed bugs. Plus, there are many people turnovers that can increase the chance for the introduction of this insect. Keep in mind that once the bed bugs entered inside the property, then can spread quickly.

🪑 Non-fabric materials are not safe either

You can think that your book that you purchased from the street side vendor can bring you to get bed bugs. Even, it can happen, especially if those books hung in the box in a house or area which been infested with bed bugs.


Here several signs of bed bugs infestation

If you just wake up and find out the itchy areas that you do not get before you go to sleep, then you might have bed bugs, especially if you get used bed or other pieces around the time that bite just start. Here signs of bed bugs infestation:

  • You find out rusty or dark spots in your bed, sheets, walls or bedclothes
  • There is a bloodstain in your pillowcases or sheets as well.
  • You spot the eggshells, fecal or shed skin in the areas where they are hiding
  • The odor which comes from the bug’s gland

If you are suspected that there is an infestation, then you should remove all of your bedding and check them carefully whether you find the signs of bugs. Do not forget to check the area around your bed, including books, telephone, the edge of your rug, and so on. Checking your closet because as mentioned above that bed bugs can stick in your clothes. After you find that there are signs of infestation, then you can start these tips below to rid of them. Read: 6 Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs


Getting rid of bed bugs

You can start by cleaning the areas where the bed bugs live, including of:

  • Clean up your curtains, bedding, linens and clothes with hot water then you can dry them in the highest level of dry setting. Place the shoes, stuffed animals and other stuffs which unable to wash in the dryer and run in high level during 30 minutes
  • You can use the stiff brusher in order to scrub mattress coats to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs before you start to vacuum
  • Vacuuming your bed and surrounded area regularly. After, vacuuming the dust, then you can place the cleaner bag into the plastic bag immediately and throw it out
  • You can repair any crack with plaster or glue the peeling wallpaper to eliminate any place that can be used as a hiding spot by bed bugs
  • Eliminate all of the clutter around your bed.
  • You can use alcohol get rid of bed bugs

So, how do you get bed bugs in the first place? There are many cases that cause bedbugs to come to your house. The common causes of bedbugs such as damp clothes, from hotels or public places, from books, second-hand stuff and more. Please always maintain cleanliness, especially rooms that are not reached by sunlight. Wash and dry in the sun on a bed sheet or pillow because that is a commonplace of bedbugs.

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