Camel Spider Facts and Informations

What do you know about Camel Spider? This animal does look unique with a different body shape with other insects. This animal goes into the family of Solifugae. Here is the information about camel spider facts for you.

This animal is referred to as Wind Scorpion or Sun Spider. There are many experts who argue about this animal because they are confused to put this animal into the Scorpion or Spider category. These animals remain included in this classification but future research can make these animals transplanted into other categories.

There is an opinion that this animal has 10 feet but this is not true. The spider has a very long sized pendipapl so that this animal can perform sensory persecution. This species is longer than other spider species. This animal also looks similar in terms of length and size in body of this animal.


Camel Spider Facts and pieces of information

Camel Spider Facts

Camel Spider Facts


These spiders can grow from 3 to 6 inches because these animals can breed internally with a better level than other species. This is what makes many people feel that this animal is not a Spider. These animals also have large eyes. Male species have a smaller size than females. There are many people who think that this spider is an adult male.

This is an interesting animal because you can see this animal in various colors from brown to dark brown. This animal can bolt with a new environment. The color has a great effect on this animal. Usually, this animal looks black under the belly and tip of the leg. Read: Wolf Spider Vs Brown Recluse Difference



This animal is the most difficult species of spider found in the world. This is because these animals can blend perfectly with the environment and these animals love to hide. Maybe you can find this spider in a dark area like a warehouse or crawl space. You can also find this spider under a rock or pile of boards. If you have a pile of clothes or other items, then your home becomes a perfect habitat for this spider.

Sun Spider is the fastest species of other species. This spider can move 10 miles per hour. This is a stunning distance. Usually, these animals can move much more slowly than that distance but these animals will move quickly when targeted by danger.

There is research that finds horrible things about this animal. This spider uses human hair to create a nest and coat the nesting place in the nest. Maybe these animals find hair in different areas of the house. Perhaps this animal cuts a human hair unnoticed by the human being.

You will have trouble eliminating this spider because this animal has many hiding places in your home. There are some families who have to move house after trying every means to eradicate this spider and they experience failure. This spider can make a hissing sound. The sound is issued when the spider feels in danger condition and this sound will be a warning to get out of a dangerous situation.


Distribution and Habitat

You can see that this spider lives in hot and dry weather. This makes the spider is found in a very hot desert area. These spiders can survive in remote locations and there are few creatures that can live in that environment. This habitat makes these spiders survive in new environments. Spider has this ability because it has lived for millions of years.

The unique thing about this spider is that this animal does not live in Australia but it is a very hot country but you do not find this spider in that country. Australia is home to a variety of other spiders. There are many experts who are amazed by the uniqueness of this spider.

The ability to live in various environments makes these spiders live in forests and pastures. There are many people who are not aware of it. Recent research has said that this is the right thing. These spiders will look for the warmest areas to find a place to live.


Feeding Habits and Diets

These spiders never spend the time to eat even they will eat when full. This animal knows that there are conditions that will make this animal cannot find food. These animals can store fat in the body when these animals do not have much food.

These animals can eat live and dead insects. These spiders consume termites, beetles, rodents, lizards, and snakes. Food consumed by these animals depends on the time and location of the year. This spider can kill prey with smaller body size than this spider with ease. These animals will hunt prey at night.



The male spider will release the sperm and mix it with the female spider egg. This spider will dig the ground and keep the eggs in the hole safely. The spider has 200 eggs at a time.

This spider should consume additional food to reproduce so that the spider has fat for life. This spider will not leave the hole to lay the eggs. If this spider does not consume enough food, then this spider will die in just a few weeks.


The Danger to Humans and Venomous Bite

Camel Spider Venomous Bite

Camel Spider Venomous Bite


There are many scary legends about this spider but this research has shown something else. These spiders will not bite humans and consume human flesh. This is a funny myth. Spider is not aggressive when in the human environment. This spider will stress and bite when this spider feels threatened. This is a very painful bite for humans.


Bite Treatment

The toxin of this spider will not cause death but there are large scars that can develop in your body. You should treat this wound and make sure that the wound is not infected. The infection will spread throughout the body quickly when you do not pay attention to the wound properly.

You can use antibiotics, steroids, and pain medications. You should make sure that the wound is clean. You need a sterile wrapper to cover your wound. You should keep your wound dry and not moist because the bacteria can develop quickly in damp conditions.

You should go to the doctor to get the right treatment. Your doctor will give you the right medicine to heal your wounds. That’s the explanation for camel spider facts and hopefully, this information can provide new knowledge for you.

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